Special flights to be arranged to fly in goods from Bangkok

Spence Maldives has announced its decision to operate cargo flights between Maldives and Bangkok, Thailand.

Managing Director of Spence Maldives, Mohamed Firaq said businesses in the Maldives are facing several challenges in importing goods from China and Bangkok due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to operate cargo flights was based on the concerns of business owners, said Firaq.

“We hope to commence the flights mid-September. It is possible that an earlier or later date may be chosen based on the demand. Our goal is to alleviate the difficulties being faced by businesses in importing goods from Bangkok, but we hope to expand the service to other destinations in future” said Firaq.

Firaq said an airline has not been chosen yet for the operation, and that several airlines have submitted quotations. The company is interested in flights that can carry 42 to 60 tonnes of goods, said Firaq.