Defence framework agreement signed between Maldives, US

A framework has been established between Maldives and the United States to develop and strengthen military and security ties between both countries.

The framework agreement was signed on behalf of Maldives by Minister of Defence, Mariya Ahmed Didi. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for South and SouthEast Asia of the US government, Reid Warner signed the agreement on behalf of the US.

Minister Mariya said the framework would further enhance military and defence ties between both nations. Noting that t is in the interest of both countries to ensure the peace and stability of the Indo-pacific region and the Indian Ocean, the minister noted that the Maldives faces threats of piracy, terrorism, extremism and drug trade.

The Defense Ministry said further collaborative efforts between the defence ministries of both nations will be carried out under the newly developed framework. This includes discussions between top defense and security officials of both countries, and paving the way to enhance the capacity of MAldives Defence entities. Ehnhancing cooperation in assuring maritime security and counter terrorism efforts, as well as anti-extremism efforts, carrying out operations to provide humanitarian relief during natural diseases are also part of the framework, said the ministry.

Minister Mariya is currently in the US on a personal trip.