Ex-VP transferred to house arrest

Former Vice President of the Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor has been changed to home arrest until the end of his trial.

Maldives Correctional Service said Adeeb was transferred to house arrest due to his health condition. No further details were revealed.

Adeeb has been changed to home arrest while he has pleaded guilty to seven charges raised against him in connection to the MMPRC graft. During last week’s hearing, Adeeb said he had already spent approximately five years in jail in convictions related to the case, and said he has repented for his wrong doings. He asked for forgiveness from the Maldivian people for the crimes he had committed during his time in the government.

Adeeb was previously changed to house arrest while serving time on another conviction. However, he fled to neighbouring India on a tugboat after which he was caught by the authorities and brought back to Maldives.