COVID-19: 25 MNDF officers test positive in Kadhdhoo

25 officers of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) tested positive for COVID-19 in Laamu Kadhdhoo.

The officers who tested positive for the virus are currently in Kadhdhoo for training purposes. According to sources, the officers spent their quarantine period in the woods of Kadhdhoo island. The positive cases were identified upon testing after completion of the quarantine period. Some results are still pending.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) together with MNDF are working jointly to take precautionary measures after the outbreak in Kadhdhoo. A large number of officers in training at Girifushi Training Base also tested positive a while back, and the trainings conducted at the base were temporarily suspended.

While positive cases among MNDF officers have been identified Kadhdhoo, the military airport on the island is used for providing civil services. Military personnel from both MNDF and India are based at the airport, and Indian military personnel also participate in trainings conducted at the base. It is not known whether Indian officers are among those who tested positive.