'India-out campaign aims to create unrest, divert attention from corruption'

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Parliamentary Group leader and Henveiru Central MP, Ali Azim has stated that the 'India Out' campaign instigated against India-Maldives relations aims to create unrest in the country to divert attention from the many corruption allegations raised against the higher ups of the opposition.

In MDP's latest newsletter, MP Azim said although the Maldives continues to receive several aids from India, the accusations that claim India's undue influence on the Maldivian government is false. Azim said India has no intention of building a military base in the Maldives, and capture the island nation.

"The rest of the world will not standby and watch if such a situation arises. This is not such a time and age," said MP Azim.

Azima further said the relationship between India and Maldives has strengthened, and assured that India would ensure the safety and security of the Maldives. He also said the Maldives' foreign policy is very steady.

"We share a close relationship with India. Similarly, we are on good terms with China, Saudi Arabia and middle eastern countries. Our relationship with European countries and America is also strong," said Azim emphasizing the international community's acceptance of the Maldives within the first two years of the current administration. He added that the many official invitation President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih continues to receive from other countries prove that international relations are stronger than ever.

"The five years of the previous administration proved their failed foreign policies given the fact that the then president of the Maldives received invitations from only three countries during his tenure," said Azim.

Further noting that the false accusations being made by opposing parties against India has ulterior motives, Azim said the opposition wishes to change the current administration and also aims to divert attention from from the corruption claims against them.

"The purpose of these campaigns is not to have 'India Out' but aims escape imprisonment for their crimes. The campaign is driven by their fear of imprisonment," wrote Azim, while also specifying the names of the opposition leaders involved.