Maldives: a much-needed escape from months of isolation

Basking in the golden sun by the white sandy beaches while you watch your troubles being washed away by the cerulean waves was merely a dream during the past couple of months. After an abrupt halt in travelling, wanderlust souls from across the world are making their way to the Maldives for a much-needed island escape.

Famed for the idyllic setting and its one-island-one-resort concept, Maldives reopened its shores to visitors in July while the Ministry of Tourism dedicated all its efforts to ensuring the safest holiday for visitors. Upon recognizing the enhanced safety protocols, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) granted Maldives the Safe Travel Stamp, providing travellers with further confidence in their stays. Maldives’ hospitality industry has begun to flourish once again, recording over a thousand arrivals daily.

One can go on and on about the exciting experiences offered only in Maldives, but words do no justice to the real deal. From isolated powder white beaches on the island resorts to thrilling safari boat stays, a vacation in the island nation is surely an experience like no other. Whether it is a luxurious resort stay or a local island escape, Maldives is the ideal destination to slip away from the stress of your daily lives.

The spectacular island resorts are perfect for those looking to relax in a more private setting whilst getting extensive pampering. Offering divine cuisines, sophisticated dinner nights, enthralling watersports activities, and world-class spas, the luxury island resorts will tickle your soul after an year of nothing but quarantining.

For the adventure seekers, safari voyages are ideal to get your adrenaline fix. Imagine cruising around on a luxury safari boat for days, swimming, snorkeling, and diving at the most popular spots. Now pair that imagination with delicious meals served onboard and of course, the famous Maldivian hospitality. What better way is there to discover the magnificent seas and splendid islands?

The most authentic Maldivian experience one can have would be the local island experience. Guest houses set on many of the local islands provide charming stays, delightful dining experiences, and a whole lot of fun in daily excursions and activities. Guests can enjoy the Maldivian culture and experience the island lifestyle during these unique stays.

After months of isolation and battling a pandemic during these unprecedented times, fleeing to the beautiful island destination sounds nothing short of a reward. While the doors of over a hundred resorts and guesthouses now open, the exquisite isles and the sublime waters call out for those seeking a heavenly escape. Maldives awaits with open arms.