'Will instill fear as a mean to prevent corruption', says PG

Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem has stated that he aims to increase fear of committing any act of corruption.

During a show broadcast on the national radio station Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu, Shameem stated that he aimed to remove all acts of corruption in the Maldives. He stated that several works are in place at the Prosecutor General’s Office in order to abolish all acts of corruption. Furthermore, the Parliament is also working on new laws required and are making changes to the existing laws with regards to the matter, said Shameem.

Shameem expressed that acts of corruption, sexual abuse and child abuse are not matters that can be taken lightly, and that a person committing any of these acts should be petrified to do so in the Maldives.

“Hopefully we can remove corruption from the Maldives and make it something people are scared to do,” said Shameem.
Shameem further said that people commit such heinous crimes due to the slow investigations, prosecution and sentencing. However, he also added that there are no such cases on hold as of yet.

“I think the public now knows that there is no escape after abusing a child, that I would come after them. I will always come after them, prosecute them, imprison them. We need to give similar strong messages with regards to corruption as well,” said Shameem.
According to Shameem, the number of corruption cases that has been prosecuted during the past six months are more than the number of cases prosecuted in the last ten years. A year from now, the number of cases proven and prosecuted will be more than that of past years, said Shameem.

Shameem added that the cases against individuals involved in the MMPRC corruption have been handled. Individuals involved in the MMPRC corruption case includes people from the current government as well as the previous government. He also added that among the individuals are those who knew very well that they were stealing. Shameem assured that every one of them who committed the crime will be prosecuted despite who they are and their political status, and that majority of the MMPRC corruption cases will be prosecuted during next year.