Weekly stats: Increase in economic response spending; decrease in health spending

The Finance Ministry’s Weekly COVID-19 ٍSpending Report has shown that the total health and social spending has decreased while the economic response spending has increased.

According to the Finance Ministry, of 05 November 2020, total spending towards COVID-19 health and social efforts stood at MVR 1,312.6 million; a 0.4% increase from the week before. In this review period, 45.9% of total health and social spending was committed-spending.

In terms of week-on-week spending, state-run hospital IGMH registered the highest spending compared to its peers at MVR 2.6 million. The majority of the spending was to fund operational services of COVID-19 health and social efforts. In terms of types of spending, the most significant spending by IGMH was on medical consumables.

As of 05 November 2020, total disbursements made to Economic response schemes stood at MVR 1,342.1 million; a 1.5% increase from the week before. Over the review period, MVR 125.8 million was disbursed as Income Support Allowance, and MVR 62.8 million was disbursed to utility companies for the Discount on Electricity Bills. There were no additional disbursements made towards the COVID-19 Recovery Loan Scheme, said the ministry.