Three people to be charged over ‘Safari Rape’ case

Charges have been requested against three individuals over the alleged sexual assault of a foreigner aboard a safari moored off Hulhumale.

A Kenyan woman was allegedly sexually assaulted on a liveaboard safari anchored in the lagoon of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale’ last June. Two people arrested in connection to the case were later released, due to which the police were subjected to harsh criticism and allegations. It has been rumored that the two people who were released have strong connections to the current government.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) on Tuesday said the police have forwarded the names of three individuals for charging in relation to the case. Spokesperson of the PG Office, Public Prosecutor Ahmed Shafeeu said administrative tasks are currently being completed. However, he did not reveal the identities of those being charged or the charges being pursued against them.

Public outrage was previously aimed at Home Minister Imran Abdulla after he made comments describing the acts of sexual harassment to which the victim was subjeced to as a ‘minor' incident. The minister had later stated that his comments had been blown out of context and apologized for any misunderstandings. However, the opposition launched a no confidence motion against the minister over the comments, but the minister escaped dismissal after the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) backed the minister.