Gov't to open four islands for resort development

The Maldives’ Tourism Ministry has announced that four islands will be leased from the Maldives for tourism purposes.

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom said the islands being leased will be announced on 27th December 2020. No further details were shared.

The budget for the upcoming year states that 10 islands will be leased by the government for resort development purposes. A revenue of MVR 130 million is estimated to be received by the state from the ten islands.

The current government previously announced that 29 islands will be opened for tourism development before the end of the current term. Over 18,000 job opportunities will be available from these islands, the government had said.

The current administration has announced two tourism development projects to date. They are, the development of Uligamu Yacht Marina and City Hotel, and the development of a City Hotel in Kelaa islands. No investors showed interest in the Uligamu project while four prospective investors expressed interest in the Kelaa project.