Committee members head to Addu city to assess flying school issues

Members of the relevant parliamentary commission looking into complaints regarding the flying school established in southernmost Addu atoll are in Addu city to assess the situation.

It has been alleged that the Aviation Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) differentiates between local and international students enrolled in the academy, and has been expelling a large number of local students. The academy has also been insisting on USD payments as fees.

While it has been a while since students enrolled at the academy have been sharing their concerns with the government, no action had been taken against the academy except issuance of warnings of action against the academy. According to the students of the flying school, their concerns have also been shared with the Vice President of the Maldives, Faisal Naseem, however, there has been no positive development thus far.

Media and Communication Director of the Parliament Hassan Ziyau confirmed to AVAS that the six members of the Committee on National Development and Heritage departed to Addu City on Sunday. The members will be meeting with officials from Addu Airport, City Council, AAA officials and its students to carry out discussions on a possible solution for the issues faced by the students during the two day trip.