JSC concludes investigation on Madaveli magistrate

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has concluded that the disciplinary issues being investigated against GDh. Madaveli Court Magistrate, Shathir Hassan, cannot be proven against him.

The judicial watchdog first revealed that a disciplinary case against Shathir was being investigated during November last year. Four magistrates in addition to Shathir were investigated at that time.

Referring to Shathir’s case, JSC on Wednesday said the investigation into Shathir has been concluded and that the commission did not find he was guilty of the allegations raised against him. However, no further details were shared.

While the JSC is undertaking massive efforts to reform the judicial sector, the commission has been launching investigations into several magistrates and judges in the recent months. In this regard, the issues raised against some judges and magistrates have been proven, and they have been removed from their positions through the parliament.