Entry, exit restricted from Laamu Fonadhoo, Gan

Entry and exit have been restricted from Laamu Fonadhoo and Gan island.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) restricted travel movements after four positive cases of COVID-19 were identified from the island. The four people had traveled to the island from Ga. Dhevvadhoo on December 27th.

Dhevvadhoo has ten active cases of COVID-19. The first person to test positive from the island was a person in home quarantine. The person tested positive on December 24th. However, the virus spread in the island after the person was prematurely released from quarantine after he had completed his quarantine based on incorrect information. While a four month old baby tested positive after that, a person who had been in direct contact with the baby tested positive on January 4th. Since then, six other cases have been identified from the island. Dhevvadhoo is also under HPA’s monitoring status.