Over 60 parties have expressed interest in new tourism projects: ministry

65 parties have expressed interest in the four islands up for lease for tourism purposes.

The Tourism Ministry’s Senior Policy Director Mohamed Hussaan told AVAS that 65 parties took part in the information sessions held to provide information on the islands. Some parties have already purchased the bid documents, said Hussaan.

Hussaan said even those who did not attend the information sessions can bid on the projects. The bid documents can be purchased until March 4, he added.

The government announced three islands and a land area for resort development projects on 27 December, 2020. The islands open for lease are Ha. Alidhuffaru sandbank, Sh. Kudalhaimendhoo and N. Kunnamela. 15 hectares if land are also open for bidding from agricultural island, HDh. Vaikara Muraidhoo. The tourism ministry has previously stated that the positive changes to the tourism land rent has made the projects more attractive for investors.