COVID-19: HPA tightens restrictions due to spike in number of cases

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has imposed stricter restrictions in the Greater Male’ Region after a spike in COVID-19 cases.

The number of cases in the Male’ region have been hovering above 100 over the past couple of weeks, with a record 215 cases registered on Monday. This is the first time the number of cases rose above 200 since August last year. HPA had earlier imposed a curfew from 0000hrs to 0400hrs due to the increasing number of cases, and weddings and events were banned in the capital. All international arrivals in the Maldives except tourists were also required to complete a quarantine period of ten days.

However, further restrictions have now been applied for a duration of two weeks. In this regard, a vehicle ban is now in effect between 2030hrs and 0430 hrs. Curfew hours have also been extended, and will now be in effect from 2300 hrs to 0430hrs.

While HPA has also instructed all parks and public squares to be closed temporarily except to those exercising individually and the elderly. All team sports have also been suspended. Additionally, those traveling to the islands for mandatory purposes for short periods will now have to have a negative PCR test confirming that they do not have the virus.

HPA also ordered for all preschools in the Greater Male’ area to be closed for two weeks. Universities and colleges are to conduct their classes online.