Classes to be held online for grades 1 through 6

The Education Ministry has announced that physical classes will no longer be held for students studying in grades 1 to 6. The decision to conduct the classes online came as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has warned that the COVID-19 situation in the Maldives is very dire, and that the country is currently experiencing its worst wave of infections to date.

The Education Ministry Friday said classes will be held online for a period of two weeks for grades one to six in the Greater Male; Region. The decision was made based on discussions with the HPA, said the ministry.

Speaking at an emergency press conference held by HEOC on Friday night, the head of HEOC’s Technical Advisory Group, Dr. Ali Latheef said the restrictive measures are being introduced in stages. Latheef said HEOC would consider closing the schools if the COVID-19 situation spirals out of control. Schools are not being closed at this time as the number of infections linked to schools are less, and because schools are controlled environments, said Dr. Ali Latheef.