HPA revokes decision to allow campaigning without quarantine

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revoked its decision to allow those traveling to islands to campaign for the upcoming local election without having to follow the mandatory quarantine rule.

HPA earlier on Thursday brought changes to the quarantine rule, allowing those traveling for campaign to travel to islands for a duration of less than five days to skip the mandatory quarantine. HPA’s decision was influenced by complaints from Elections Commission, the parliament and political parties that the guidelines set by the authority did not allow equal opportunities for campaigning. The parliament had also requested HPA to lighten its strict guidelines with regard to the council election.

The decision to make concessions to the quarantine rule prompted backlash from the public amid fears of further spread of COVID-19. While the public voiced concerns over the decision, HPA moved to revoke its decision less than a day after they made the concession after taking public concern into account.