'Economic impacts are considered when deciding on restrictions'

The Health Emergency Operation Centre (HEOC) has stated that it considers economic impacts when deciding on restrictions to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several restrictions have been imposed on the Greater Male' Region due to increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the area. This include vehicle bans and curfews as well as restrictions on the operation hours of local eateries and shops.

While local businesses, especially cafes and restaurants have been complaining to authorities on the negative impact on their businesses, several businesses have said they are on the brink of bankruptcy due to the restrictions. Some cafe' owners are organizing activities to protest the restrictions.

HEOC's Spokesperson, Dr. Nazla Rafeeq Thursday said all restrictions in place are for the safety of the community in the midst of a pandemic, especially those who are at high-risk from the disease. Nazla said both social and economic impacts are considered when deciding on restrictions. However, the governments priority is the health of the country's citizens, said Nazla.

Nazla urged all businesses and the public to continue adhering to the measures implemented by the authorities.