No political motive behind summoning Muizzu: ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has denied accusations that former Housing Minister and opposition Mayoral Candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was summoned to the commission for political motives.

Dr. Muizzu was first summoned to ACC regarding an investigation launched against him earlier on Tuesday. In an interview given to AVAS following the meeting, Muizzu said he was asked regarding an agreement signed between the former government and Strada Pvt Ltd to develop a bridge viewing platform. ACC accuses that changes were brought to the building in violation of the agreement.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Muizzu had informed ACC that he would attend the next questioning session with a lawyer as ACC had not made clear the details of the accusations against him. Muizzu went on to allege that he was summoned by ACC for political motives under the government’s influence. While he is not aware of the government’s motives, the reality is that the government wishes to obstruct his chances in the upcoming local council election, said Muizzu.

A statement released by ACC on Wednesday said there are no political motives behind summoning Muizzu and that all cases investigated by the commission are pre-planned and scheduled ahead of time, and are carried out under specific policies. The dates on which cases are scheduled to be investigated, concluded and the order in which the cases are investigated do not depend on any political factors and does not target specific candidates contesting in elections, said ACC.