Islands to be leased for tourism development

16 islands have been put up for bidding for resort development purposes.

The 16 islands opened for bidding include several islands in Ga. and GDh. atoll as well as islands from Laamu, Meemu, Thaa, Ha. and HDh. atoll. They are:

- Ha. Velifinolhu, Ha. Alidhuffaru Finolhu
- HDh. Kudafarufasgandu
- M. Seedheehura, M. Maausfushi
- Th. Kaaddoo, Th. Kanimeedhoo, Th. Olhufushi
- L. Kashidhoo, L. Bodumanyafushi, L. Dhonberehaa
- Ga. Maarehaa, Ga. Funadhooviligiyyaa
- GDh. Kandahalagalaa, GDh. Kadevaarehaa
- Ga. Kotaraa

The Tourism Ministry said parties interested in leasing the islands must attend a virtual information session held on April 29th and submit their bids by 10:00am of May 10.

The government previously announced four islands for lease, however, only one party bid for the islands. Therefore, the islands will be re-announced for bids once again, said the ministry.