Strict measures imposed as Maldives battles record surge in infections

Authorities have made the decision to impose stricter measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The changes were announced as the archipelago battles a surge COVID-19 infections in capital Male'.

According to authorities, schools will be closed and switched to online learning. Although classes will be held online, students sitting exams will be allowed to physically attend the exams.

In addition to closing schools, government offices will also close and services will be given online. Parks, open spaces, sports grounds, running tracks and swimming tracks in Greater Male' Area will be closed. Sports activities and competitions will be stopped in the Grater Male' Area, and a vehicle ban will be imposed between 0000hrs and 0400hrs. Travel to inhabited islands and industrial islands will be restricted for purposes other than essential needs and will require approval to travel. People traveling to inhabited and industrial islands will required to observe quarantine for ten days. Travel ease after completion of vaccination will be suspended.

Additionally, Maldivians and work permit holders traveling from India will be required to observe quarantine for 14 days and will be released after a negative PCR test result.

The restrictions will be in place from 5th May to 15th May 2021.