Over MVR 6 mln collected as Zakat-al-Fitr

Over MVR 6 million was collected as Zakat-al-Fitr in Male' City this year, the Islamic Ministry has said.

Zakat al-Fitr is a charity taken for the poor a few days before the end of fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. According to the Islamic Ministry, MVR 6,746,896 was collected as Zakat-al-Fitr from the Greater Male' Region. The amount was contributed by 164,392 individuals. The ministry said the Zakat funds were distributed to the poor before Eid, which was celebrated on May 13th.

The ministry said 1,498 people were registered as recipients for Zakat. Out of these, Zakat was given out to 1,494 individuals. Funds were distributed to 99.73 percent of people registered to receive Zakat.

The Islamic Ministry said 6,200,000 was distributed as Zakat to recipients in Male' City. Each individual received MVR 4,200 as Zakat payout. The remaining funds were distributed to children's shelters and other shelters as done in previous years.

The amount collected as Zakat from the atolls and the details of the recipients will be known after the island councils share the information with the ministry.