City Council to begin campaign to plant 100,000 trees in Male'

Male' City Council is preparing to kick off a program to plant 100,000 plants in the capital, the council has announced.

The council on Tuesday announced decisions made its first meeting following the inauguration of its new members.

Speaking to the press, newly-elected Mayor, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said the plans include a campaign to plant 100,000 trees in Male'. The council hopes to kick off the program on January 1st, 2022 after making the necessary arrangements within the next six months. Muizzu said the council will pay special attention to ensure that Male' city is a pleasant city with a green environment.

The council also made the decision to reduce the parking fees for taxis, as well plans to request President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to halt plans on relocating Male' Commercial Harbor to reclaimed lagoon Gulhifalhu. Registration for 'Dhaftharu', where islanders can register themselves as Male' citizens, will also be temporarily suspended.

According to the council, a plan will be made to establish rules and regulations on closing Male' city roads, and to assess the condition of mosques and markets. Garages, workshops and warehouses in the heart of the capital will be moved to designated industrial locations. Homeowners in Villimale' will also be allowed to construct their homes up to 10 floors, and the required changes to the regulations implement the changes will be brought soon. Parks and other recreational spaces will be assessed and a report on ways to renovate the spaces will also be compiled, said the Mayor.