Male' City Council designates Farukolhufushi as a picnic island

Male' City Council has voted to designate K. Farukolhufushi as a picnic island for residents of the Greater Male' Region. The decision was made at a council sitting held Monday.

Speaking at a press conference held to brief the public on the decisions made at the meeting, Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said Farukolhufushi, which is currently used as a COVID-19 facility, is within the City Council's mandate. The island will be used as a picnic island in the future, said Muizzu.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih earlier on April 2, 2019 announced that a reclaimed island within the Enboodhoo lagoon will be designated as a picnic island for those living near Male' City. It was among his pledges for the first 100 days of presidency to open the island for picnics in early 2020. However, the pledge has not been realized to date.