Huge cluster of COVID-19 infections at Asseyri Jail

Over 90 inmates at Asseyri Jail in K. Himmafushi have tested positive for COVID-19.

An official from Maldives Correctional Service told AVAS that 122 samples were taken from among the inmates at the jail, and 94 samples were positive for COVID-19. None of those who tested positive are in serious condition at this time.

The official from Maldives Correctional Service said the authority is trying to take samples from all inmates at the earliest. He added that it is likely that COVID-19 spread easily at the jail as inmates are not confined to cells and are free to socialize with other inmates.

According to Maldives Correctional Service, no positive cases of COVID-19 are active at Maafushi and Hulhumale' Prison. However, 12 inmates at Male' Prison and two at the Detention Centre in Hulhumale' are receiving treatment for COVID-19. One inmate has been moved to the COVID-19 Medical Facility in Hulhumale' for further treatment.

55 percent of inmates who are in the custody of Maldives Correctional Services have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.