COVID-19: HRCM asks to test immigrants held at MPL Hiyaa

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has asked to facilitate arrangements to test foreigners at Maldives Port Limited (MPL) 'Hiyaa' for COVID-19.

Undocumented immigrants detained for roaming on the streets during curfew hours are taken to MPL Hiyaa. A team from HRCM visited the site to assess its condition.

HRCM has recommended that authorities house the detained immigrants according to the standards set by the Health Protection Agency while they wait for their COVID-19 results. In this regard, those tested should be kept separately from newcomers bought to the facility, said HRCM.

"All foreigners taken to MPL Hiyaa must be assessed by a doctor within 24 hours. Any medical treatment they require should be identified. If they require medication for a long-term illness, a steady supply of medicines must be provided, said HRCM.

HRCM further said the reason why undocumented immigrants are kept at MPL Hiyaa must be clearly explained and the duration for which they will be held at the facility must be informed. Clothes and other necessities they require during the period must also be provided, said HRCM.