Fuvahmulah Mayor elected to LGA board

Fuvahmulah City Mayor Ismail Rafeeq has been elected for the mayoral seat on the Local Government Authority (LGA)'s board.

Rafeeq won the seat after competing against Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. Rafeeq won 24 votes while Muizzu received 21 votes from among City Councillors.

Rafeeq received six votes from the ballot boxes placed in Addu City while Muizzu received seven votes. He received eight votes from his city, Fuvahmulah and Muizzu received only one vote. One vote from the Fuvahmulah ballot box was invalid. Rafeeq won all votes from Kulhudhuffushi, and he won six votes from capital Male'. Muizzu received 13 votes from Male'.

Local Government Authority (LGA) is a state institution established under the Decentralisation Act to regulate, oversee and develop the local governance system of Maldives as envisioned in the Constitution. LGA comprises of a nine-member board including a cabinet member appointed by the president, a woman with knowledge of gender equality, a member experienced in governance or public administration, a member from a civil non-governmental organisation, a member appointed by city councilors, a member appointed by presidents of atoll councils, a member appointed by island councilors, a representative from Ministry of Finance appointed by Minister of Finance and a Chief Executive Officer from the authority appointed by the president.