New PS appointed to Transport Ministry

Abdulla Shimaz has been appointed as the Permanent Secretary for the Transport Ministry. The Civil Service Commission said Shimaz was appointed to the post on May 31.

Transport Ministry's Permanent Secretary post became vacant after its former PS, Abdulla Fayaz resigned from the post in December 2020. He stepped down after Transport Minister Aishath Nahula asked him to resign from the post. Although the Civil Service Commission had previously looked into Fayaz, the commission did not find he was guilty of any of the accusations made against him.

The Ministry nominated Saamee Ageel's name for the PS post on two occasions. However, the commission asked the ministry to nominate another individual.

Shimaz has served the government in several different ministries and companies. He has previously worked as a manager at Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) as well as telecom company Dhiraagu and the Economic Ministry.