Official residences arranged for Speaker, Chief Justice

Official residences have been arranged for the Speaker of the Parliament, the Chief Justice, and their families.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last week ratified bills passed on June 21 to arrange official residences for the Speaker and the Chief Justice.

Speaking to AVAS, Spokesperson of the President's Office, Mabrook Abdul Azeez Wednesday said temporary official residences have now been arranged and that renovation work is ongoing. However, he did not disclose the locations of the residences nor did he comment on when the Speaker and the Chief Justice are expected to move to their official residences. Both Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and Chief Justice Mu'thasim Adnan currently reside in their own homes.

The amendment to the Parliamentary Privileges and Powers Act stipulates that the Speaker of the Parliament and their family be provided with an official residence. The act further stipulates several improvements to the security and safety of the Speaker and their family, including around-the-clock security services from the Maldives National Defense Force(MNDF).

The sixth amendment to the Judges Act stipulates the provision of an official residence for the Chief Justice of the Maldives and their family. The amendment further includes guidelines to strengthen the safety and security of the Chief Justice, stipulating personal security by the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF).