Special envoy to monitor May 6 attack meets with Defense Minister

The President’s Special Envoy to monitor the investigation of the terrorist attack against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has met with Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi.

The meeting between Special Envoy, Mr. Abbas Faiz and the minister took place at the Defence Ministry. Neither the Defence Ministery nor the President's Office has provided any information regarding the meeting.

Abbas Faiz was appointed as the Special Envoy to the Government of Maldives to monitor the investigation, prosecution, and trial of the terrorist attack against Speaker of Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed on May 19. He arrived in the Maldives on July 3. Abbas arrived in the Maldives while the Parliament's 241 committee has concluded its inquiry into the attack and publicized its final report on the incident. The parliament floor has since approved the report.

The President's Office said the Special Envoy is mandated to ensure that all stages of the investigation, prosecution and trial of the alleged perpetrators, and any related and necessary inquiries, comply with international best practice and national laws to ensure public confidence in the integrity of these processes. Mr Faiz oversight of the ongoing investigation will be conducted within the parameters set by the Prosecutor General.

For the duration of the engagement, the Special Envoy will be stationed at the President's Office. The President’s Office will provide all support and administrative assistance sought by the Special Envoy.