'Will be able to establish 8000 tourist beds in Addu in two years'

Addu City Council has stated that 8000 tourist beds can be established in the Addu City within the next two years.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to establish 8000 tourist beds in Addu City before the end of his five-year term. Addu City's Mayor Ali Nizar said efforts are already underway to establish additional tourist beds in the city as per the government's vision. In this regard, 1000 tourist beds will be added to Hankede Resort with changes brought to the Link Road, said the mayor.

Additionally, practical work is ongoing to establish Hithadhoo Tourism Zone, Feydhoo Tourism Zone and Maradhoo Tourism Zone, said the mayor. 8 hectares of land will be allocated to each island, and an additional hotel will be established in Gan island, he added. The bidding process for the hotel is currently ongoing. He further expressed confidence that the government's goal of establishing 8000 tourist beds in Addu City will be achieved within a two-year time frame.

62 plots of land have been issued to different parties to establish 4000 tourist beds in Addu City.