Yacht marina, cruise terminal to be developed in Addu City

A yacht marina and cruise terminal will be developed in southernmost Addu City.

Speaking at the 'Future of Addu Tourism' forum held Wednesday, Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar said a yacht marina and cruise terminal will be developed in Addu City under efforts to expand tourism in the region. The project will bring about a revolutionary change to the city, he added.

The project will be carried out in Feydhoo and Gan, said the mayor. Along with the yacht marina and cruise terminal, a 100-room hotel will also be developed as part of the project. An area of over 100,000 square feet have already been allocated to build the terminal.

Nizar said some parties have already expressed interest in the project. He said the council is working with relevant authorities to commence the project.

As Addu City was a popular destination for yachts in the past, the government had previously planned to build a yacht marina in the atoll. However, the number of yachts traveling to Addu declined significantly in 2009, due to which the project was halted.