Curfew in Addu City, schools closed

A curfew has been implemented in southernmost Addu City after a spike in COVID-19 infections.

In a press conference held by Addu Emergency Operatopm Centre late Saturday, Mayor of Addu City Ali Nizar said a curfew will be effect in Addu City from 9:00pm until 04:00am for a two-week duration. Schools in Addu will also be closed for two weeks, he added.

Nizar said shops, cafes' and restaurants will not be allowed to offer in-person services during the curfew hours. However, delivery services may be provided until 12:00 am after obtaining a special permit, he said. Additionally, taxi permits will be issued to two taxis from each taxi centre, he added. The mayor said the measures had to be implemented due to the island's situation and that the police will ensure that they are properly enforced.

166 cases are active in Addu City at this time. The situation is most dire in Maradhoo island, where 80 people are currently infected. 36 cases are active in Hithadhoo. Nizar said the measures will be lifted earlier if the situation improves before the twoo-week duration is over.