Positive changes to fishing, farming industry will become evident soon: Pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has affirmed that the government’s strategies to reshape the fisheries and agriculture sectors would strengthen and enrich the industries. The president made the statement at a meeting with the fishing and farming communities of Foakaidhoo island.

Speaking at the meeting, the president said positive changes to the fishing and farming industries would become evident over the course of the remainder of his presidential term. The president said the farming sector has a lot of potential and the government therefore pays special attention to the industry. Noting that a large percentage of produce required for local resorts are imported, the president said the government formed the Agro National Corporation (AgroNAT) last year to alleviate concerns on supply-chain management, expedite an efficient supply chain, and ensure fair prices for farmers.

The President acknowledged that fishermen do not get a fair price for their catch. He noted that the export of tuna is mostly controlled by private companies, which makes it more challenging to get a fair market price. The government would hold discussions with the private sector to address and resolve the matter, the president assured.

Speaking regarding the fish factory being established in Sh. Keekiminee, President Solih said fish will be sold from the island very soon. He further said that the government is working on increasing the storage capacity of MIFCO and Felivaru. Several issues faced by the fishing industry will be resolved when the work is completed, he added, which would in turn ensure fair prices for fish.