Parliament OKs salary increment for atoll council dept. pres

The Parliament on Wednesday approved to to increase the salary of Deputy Presidents of atoll councils.

In the absence of the atoll council's president, all responsibilities of the council will fall on the Deputy President. The Local Government Authority (LGA) in a letter sent to the Public Finance Committee said the salary of the Deputy President must be higher than those of general members of the council for this reason. After reviewing the matter, the committee earlier this week approved the request, and forwarded the matter to the parliament for voting.

During Wednesday's vote, 41 members voted in favour of increasing the salary of atoll council deputy presidents. No members voted against the increment.

Deputy presidents of atoll councils currently receive MVR 20,000 per month as salary and allowances, which is equal to the salary of general members of the council. However, the LGA believes deputy presidents must receive a higher salary than general members as their responsibilities are bigger. With the parliament's decision to approve the increment, their salary will increase by MVR 1,000, and they will make MVR 21,000 per month, effective from January 2021.

Atoll council presidents make MVR 28,000 per month as salary and allowances. While mayors make MVR 40,000 a month, the salary of deputy mayors is MVR 35,000. City council members make MVR 30,000. Island council presidents' salary is MVR 20,000 and island council members make MVR 13,000.