Aasandha to discontinue COVID-19 easements from October

Aasandha has brought changes to the new regulations it introduced to ease COVID-19 difficulties.

A press release issued by Aasandha said it will be discontinuing the regulations that allow those on long-term medication to claim medicines twice per prescription. From October 1 onward, medicine will be issued only once per prescription, the statement read.

Last year, Aasandha adopted a regulation where newborn babies may receive Aasandha services under their mother's ID cards, beyond the 28-period initially allowed for newborns. However, this service will also be discontinued from November 1, and the baby's ID cards must be presented to obtain services after 28 days from birth.

Aasandha said it has been providing services if the original, copies or photos of ID cards, passports and driving licenses are provided. However, the actual policy of the company is to provide services only when the original ID is provided, the statement said. Therefore, those seeking services are advised to renew their ID cards if expired, and present the original to obtain services, said Aasandha.

Aasandha Company Limited is a state owned company tasked with managing the national health insurance scheme, and administers and manages the national health insurance scheme, facilitating the provision of health care for Maldivians both from Maldives and abroad.