Aasandha lifts eases granted during State of Public Health Emergency

The eases granted due to COVID-19 for those seeking Aasandha services have been lifted.

Aasandha Company Wednesday said following President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's decision to lift the State of Public Health Emergency declared in the Maldives, the eases granted in providing services to the public during the period have now been lifted. Henceforth, the company will be following the pre-COVID-19 policies in providing services, the company said.

In this regard, online consultation services will be provided only from centers that offer their services through the 'Vinavi' portal. If further services are requested under online consultations, the request must be made through the portal. The service cannot be rendered if the request is not made through Vinavi.

Furthermore, although Aasandha previously allowed those with chronic illnesses to use a single prescription to dispense medicine multiple times, from now on, each prescription can be used to purchase medicine only once. A new prescription must be made for any later purchases.

Services will be provided under the Aasandha Scheme when the original or safety copy of ID Cards or passports are provided. Drugs will be dispensed only for e-prescriptions.