HDC seeking party to install CCTVs at Hiyaa towers

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is seeking a party to procure and install CCTV cameras at the Hiyaa social housing towers.

HDC said they wished to assign a party to design and install a CCTV camera system at the Hiyaa Towers. Interested parties must submit their bids by October 4, said HDC.

The Maldives' largest housing project to date, the Hiyaa social housing project consists of 16 towers with over 7,000 apartments. However, the number of apartments have now been decreased to 6,000 in order to utilize the space for administrative purposes. While flat recipients have started moving in, over 35,000 people are expected to live in the towers. Therefore, authorities are working to establish police services in the area to ensure safety and protection of the flat residents and the public.