Male' Mayor calls to delay Hiyaa flat rent collection

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has called on the government to extend the grace period on rent for social housing flats under the Hiyaa Scheme.

Although Hiyaa flats were handed over to recipients starting August 2021, the government granted a three-month grace period to complete incomplete finishing works of the apartments. Later, the period was extended by a further three months, which ended last month. On Friday, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) issued an announcement, reminding flat tenants that rent would be due on their apartments from this month onwards.

Expressing concern on the matter, Mayor Muizzu Saturday said that while the holy month of Ramadan has started, high amounts are incurred as household expenses during the month. Beginning rent collection during Ramadan would inconvenience thousands of families and cause them many difficulties, he said.

'I call to change the decision and delay rent collection to another date,' he said.

HDC's reminder regarding rent came while over 1,500 tenants who reside at the Hiyaa towers have submitted a letter imploring the government to reduce the amount charged as rent. Tenants have to pay a monthly rent of MVR 7,500 and an additional MVR 1,000 as maintenance fee.