'Extremely challenging to collect info on expats' - Chief Statistician

Chief Statistician, Aishath Hassan has said collecting information on the job market poses huge challenges to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Speaking on AVAS Online's Face to Face show, Aishath said while NBS faces difficulties in collecting information on the job market, it is particularly challenging to collect accurate information on expatriates.

Aishath said under efforts to collect information on workers in 2014, special attention was paid to collect information for the census program. In this regard, collecting information on expatriates working in resorts, guest houses, industrial islands and harbor area was given special priority, said Aishath.

'Even then, we identified that there are several challenges to collect accurate information on expatriates. Their environment and language barriers are some of the reasons why we faced difficulties,' Aishath said.

Aishath said NBS has been collecting information on expatriates and including it in the census since 2014. When conducting the 2022 census, NBS will operate the same way, and will be establishing a special centre in industrial island Thilafushi to collect information, said Aishath.

The census program will be carried out from September 17 to 30 next year. The census will be carried out in all inhabited islands, resorts and industrial islands of the Maldives.