Census: Data not collected from over 900 places

The Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) has said information required to complete the census in the Greater Male' Region has not been received from over 900 homes and establishments.

NBS said in a statement Sunday that the bureau was working on getting in touch with contacts from the places where information is not available. Data could not be collected from many places due to the places being locked or inaccessible, or there was no person present that could provide the necessary information, residents being out of town, and enumerators failing to visit the places at the scheduled time.

"Therefore, the public is requested to keep the Bureau informed as soon as possible of the places where the census data has not yet been collected from, including labor quarters and places where registered economic activities are conducted," the statement said.

MBS said people and places who have not been included in the census could call the bureau's hotline number 1423 or 3008400 to arrange the collection of their data.

The date of announcement of the provisional results has been postponed indefinitely as the census work has not yet been completed in the Male' area. The provisional results were scheduled to be announced on October 6. However, NBS said the final results of the census would be announced on October 20 as previously planned.

The fieldwork of the census, which began on September 13, was completed by September 25 in the atolls.