Censes 2022: Data collection still ongoing in Male' City

The Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) is still collecting data in the Greater Male' Area for the 2022 Census.

The census was set to be conducted from 13 to 25 last month. However, the MBS decided to continue data collection on 26 and 27 September as there were some places in Male' and Hulhumale' where information was not available. At the time, MBS said data had not been collected from over 900 places in the Greater Male' Area due to people not being present or buildings being inaccessible.

Replying to a question from AVAS on Sunday, MBS' Chief Statistician Aishath Hassan said the enumerators previously recruited to conduct the census have now been released. However, there are still some places in the city where information still needs to be collected. MBS employees are being utilized to collect data from these locations, she said.

"Our staff are still collecting information. They are visiting buildings from where data was not previously collected due to buildings being inaccessible and not being able to meet people. They are also collecting information on people's residences by phone," she said.

The MBS had earlier decided to announce the provisional results on the 6th of this month. However, the interim results will no longer be announced as data collection is still pending from many residences and businesses. However, the final results will be announced on October 20, National Statistics Day.