Night flights to operate from Kulhudhuffushi Airport next year

Flights will operate to Kulhudhuffushi Airport at night from January 2022 onward, Regional Airports Company has said.

Installation of lights on Kulhuduffushi Airport's runway has been handed over to Beijing ZRGQ Corporation. An official from Regional Airports Company said LED lights will be installed along the runway, a light system which is both cost-efficient and durable. While LED lights will be installed in other airports managed by the company, using energy-efficient renewable energy sources will be prioritized, he said.

Establishing an airport in Kulhudhuffushi City was a presidential pledge of former President of the Maldives Abdulla Yamin Abdul Gayyoom. Although test flights were operated to the airport during his administration, scheduled flights to the airport were commenced on August 9, 2019, during current President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration.