HDC seeks party to run daycare, café in Hiyaa area

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is seeking parties to run a daycare center and a cafe' in the Hiyaa Flat area in Hulhumale' Phase II.

An announcement by HDC said areas of 926 sqft will be leased from Hiyaa towers H2-G-12 and H2-G for the purpose of running cafes'. An area of 2,190 sqft will be leased to run a daycare center in tower H3-G1.

Those interested in running the cafe' must submit their bids before 2:00 pm on November 16. Parties interested in running the daycare center may submit their bids before 2:0 pm of November 17.

HDC is also seeking parties to run a salon and spa in the Hiyaa flat area. HDC said it would hold an information session for those interested in the announced projects.

Over 300 families currently reside in the Hiyaa towers. While the first shop in the area was opened in the first week of this month, a clinic is also being established in the area. Over 6000 families are expected to move into the Hiyaa towers over the next three months.