Nasheed travels to Maamigili to meet with JP leader

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has traveled to ADh. Maamigili to meet with Jumhooree Party leader and ruling-coalition partner, Qasim Ibrahim.

Nasheed is joined on his abrupt visit to Maamigili by main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Vice President Mohamed Shifaz, the party's Chairperson Hassan Latheef and MDP's Parliamentary Group leader Ali Azim.

Some staff working at Maagili International Airport said they were not informed of Nasheed's visit prior to his arrival. However, airport staff were asked to organize a red carpet welcome for a 'special guest' by a senior aide of Gasim, they said.

Nasheed traveled to Maamigili on a FlyMe aircraft, an airline which is owned by Qasim. The JP leader welcomed Nasheed on his arrival at Maamigili Airport.

Although Nasheed and Qasim met on Monday, Jumhooree Party has not made any statement regarding the meeting. However, JP's Chief Spokesperson and a government State Minister, Ali Solih shared a video of Nasheed's arrival in Maamigili via social media platform Twitter.

Nasheed and Qasim traveled to a resort owned by Qasim, Sun Island Resort, shortly after Nasheed's arrival in Maamigili. The two had lunch together at the resort.

While Nasheed has been actively working to change the Maldives' government system from a presidential system to a parliamentary system, several political experts have anticipated that Nasheed would attempt to hold discussions with Qasim, who has said he would not support a parliamentary system. However, the purpose of Monday's meeting between the pair remains unknown.

Earlier on Monday, Nasheed had attempted to discuss constitutional reform with members of the opposing coalition. However, the meeting could not be continued as the opposition insisted the release of jailed former President of the Maldives Abdulla Yamin Abdul Qayyoom's release to have any political discussions.