Survey work for Thila-Male' bridge commences

The survey work on the Maldives' second over-water bridge has commenced.

The development of the bridge linking capital Male' with Villimale', Thilafushi, Gulhifalhu is financed by the Indian government. India has extended a grant assistance of USD 100 million and a further loan of USD 400 million for the project. An agreement was signed with India's Afcon Infrastructure on August 26 to carry out the necessary surveys. The surveys will be carried out by a subcontractor of Afcons Infrastructure, Foresight Surveyors.

The interconnectivity project's survey will be carried out until February 22, 2022, southwest of Male, the southern periphery of Villimale' and Gulhifalhu and a 1-km distance from the southeastern end of Thilafushi. Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has requested seafarers to be mindful of the surveyors.

According to the Planning Ministry, the Greater Male’ Connectivity Project is a 6.7km sea crossing link from the southwest corner of Male’, running adjacent to the south shore of Villimale', then along the southern periphery of reclaimed land on Gulhifalhu, and terminating on land at Thilafushi. The main bridge component will be 1.4 km long. Traffic lights will be installed at the Male- Villimale junction, while a roundabout intersection will be at the Thilafushi-Gulhifalhu junction. The lights on the bridge will be solar-powered. The project is expected to reach completion in two years.