Seven sexual abuse cases being investigated: Edu minister

Education Minister Aishath Ali has said seven cases of sexual abuse in schools are being investigated.

The minister made the statement while answering inquiries by Hinnavaru MP Jeehan Mahmood at Tuesday's Parliament sitting. The MP questioned the minister regarding a recent case of sexual abuse at a local preschool and inquired from her regarding the steps taken to ensure such an incident does not occur in the future.

Answering the question, Minister Aishath Ali said the police are investigating that case and that the suspected perpetrator had been arrested. As the case involves a child, further information will be shared at the relevant Parliament committee, said the minister.

The minister added that several steps had been taken to ensure such an incident is not repeated. In this regard, special officers have been appointed in each school to inform any such occurrence immediately. The minister said if any incident occurs, the matter will be investigated, and those involved will be fired. Assuring that no such incidents will happen in the future, the minister said further steps would be taken to ensure that.

'During the current administration's term, we have received 40 complaints of sexual abuse. Out of these, 30 people were terminated. The remaining are all pending cases, and even if we have an ounce of evidence, those involved will be terminated. During the investigation stage, they will not be in contact with any students. Around seven cases are being investigated at this time, and they are on suspension,' the minister said.