Four schools to be converted to single-session schools

Four schools in Male' City will be converted to single-session schools upon completion of schools being built by the government.

The decision was announced by Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali during Monday's Parliament session, where she was questioned regarding the government's plans to convert Male' City schools to single-session schools.

When asked by Henveiru Central MP Ali Azim regarding work being undertaken to convert schools to single-session schools, Minister Aishath Ali said the conversion of schools to single sessions is a policy of the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). However, she said the biggest obstacle in implementing the policy is the lack of adequate space in schools.

Currently, Izzuddin School is the only single-session government school in the Greater Male' Area.

Dr. Aishath Ali said some schools in the city would be converted to single-session schools only after the completion of the four schools to be built by the government this year. The new schools being built in Hulhumale' will also be single-session schools, she said.

"We have plans to change Majeedhiya, Iskander, and Aminiya School to one-session schools. We are currently constructing a new building in Hulhumale for CHSE. Once [some of the current students of CHSE] are transferred to the Hulhumale branch, the current school in Male' can be converted to a single-session school," she said.

The Minister said that although the ministry has plans to convert some schools in Male' city to single-session schools, it is difficult to say when the plan will be implemented. Although there are few single-session schools in Male' City, many schools in the atolls are now being converted to single-session teaching, she added.