Goods worth MVR 3.7 bln imported in October

Maldives Customs Service has said the most number of goods were imported to the Maldives this year, in October.

Custom's official statistics show goods worth MVR 3.8 billion were imported to the Maldives last month. The value of goods was almost equal to the monthly average value of goods imported pre-COVID-19 in 2019, MVR 3.7 billion.

Monthly import statistics:

January - MVR 2.8 billion
February - MVR 2.8 billion
March - MVR 3.5 billion
April - MVR 2.9 billion
May - MVR 3 billion
June - MVR 3 billion
July - MVR 2.7 billion
August - MVR 3.4 billion
September - MVR 3.6 billion
October - MVR 3.8 billion

As per the statistics, goods worth MVR 3.6 billion were imported this September. However, the value of imported goods was MVR 1.9 billion in the same period last year.

Goods worth MVR 328 million were exported last month.