Imports decline by 36 percent in June

Imports declined by 36 percent in June, Maldives Custom Services has revealed.

Statistics released by Customs showed the number of imports in June this year decreased by 36 percent compared to the same period last year. While goods worth MVR 3.3 billion were imported in June 2019, goods worth MVR 2.1 billion were imported last month.

Statistics show the percantage of exports also decreased by 33 percent in June. While goods worth MVR 326 million were exported during June 2019, the amount fell to MVR 217 million this June.

The state received a revenue of MVR 226 million through imports and exports in June 2019. This amount fell by 21 percent to MVR 211 million this June.

The most amount of goods were imported to Maldives from China, India and Singapore in June. While goods worth MVR 379 million were imported from China, imports worth MVR 317 million are attributed to India. Goods worth MVR 23 million were imported from Singapore.